About us

Pax2Go/Hulsbosch International P2G is an organization specialized in Aircraft interior reconfiguration, maintenance and management. We can provide all components needed to complete an Aircraft interior Reconfiguration.

Pax2Go has a consultancy branch as part of our company that can come to your Aircraft to determine the current status of your interior and provide a detailed proposal to go from the current situation the required new situation.

We are certified nder the CAA EASA 145 (maintenance organization) and has strategic partners with 21 J and G approvals (design organizations).

With 30 years of experience and a worldwide netwerk of suppliers and partners we can always provide a solution for any aircraft interior!

C/ Mistral 2-4
Pol. Ind. "Los Vientos"
46119 Naquera, Valencia, Spain
T. +34 960 64 57 38